What is assistive technology?

Assistive technology is any kind of technology and/or tool that can be used to enhance the functional independence of a person with a disability. Often, for people with disabilities, accomplishing daily tasks such as communicating with others, going to school or work, or participating in activities can be a challenge. Assistive Technology (AT) devices are tools to help overcome those challenges and enable people living with disabilities to enhance and have access to a quality of life, that may otherwise not be known, and lead more independent lives.

The mission of this blog is to serve as a voice of a constant researcher in the field of educational and assistive technologies so that the best products, strategies and services may be located easily, in hopes that they will then be delivered, taught and used to better the lives of people with disabilities.


Joke Websites- Building social interaction skills

As Linda Burkhart stated, "Jokes are great for building turn taking and social interaction skills. They can also be great as extensions to the language arts, science, social studies and math curriculum. Look for jokes related to specific topics or riddles that utilize vocabulary from a particular unit."

Jokes are wonderful to use with communication switches and devices. (Try the sequential communication switches.) Afraid your other kids won't get it? Tell the secretary a joke every day! Have your student in charge of providing a joke to the fifth grade class on campus every day. Everyone needs a little laughter in their day! What better person than the secretary?

Telling jokes is good for kids! It increases their confidence, helps them to remember a story in order and relate it to others, and stimulates their thinking! (Your 5th graders could be in charge of repeating it to someone else! A homework assignment each day perhaps?) Who would have thought something that all kids enjoy could be so useful!

NOTE: This is a list of web sites that posts jokes for kids. While all efforts have been made to only include sites with kid appropriate material, the Internet is a dynamic entity and therefore, there can be no guarantee of the appropriateness of content found on web sites.   

Sites to Find Kid Friendly Jokes:
  • 35 Jokes for Kids - Here are some jokes that kids have been laughing hysterically at thanks to contributing them on their facebook wall.  (Be sure to add it into the comments here at Kids Activities Blog!)
  • AHAjokes.com Kids Jokes, Knock Knock, Silly Jokes, and More! "They are typically geared toward children and young adults. By this, we mean that they have a shortness and simpleness about them that allow an individual at virtually any age to get a good laugh."
  • AZ Kid's Net provides Knock-Knock Jokes! Knock-knock jokes for kids with links to Elephant jokes and riddles.
  • Good Clean Fun These jokes often have a story line, so they would be more appropriate for older children.
  • Jokes for Every Season – Jokes, Puns and Riddles! "We try to make sure every joke is funny, silly, and full of laughs, but also clean."
  • Kids Jokes is an archive of jokes and riddles listed by category from the UK, including 200 doctor jokes. (UK humor is a little different. Beware!)
  • NIEHS provides kids jokes developed by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences as a means of introducing kids to science and research interests.
  • Scatty has children's jokes for kids and the whole family! Look in the right-hand column.